Fashionable Sundays: Emma Graham Designs

Good morning! Back in Boston for the weekend visiting with family and friends and loving that the cold weather is gone while I’m here! Since I’m up here I wanted to introduce you all to a talented group of women in the fashion design industry, Emma Graham Designs (EGD). I’ve had the opportunity to meet both Emma and Jackie, native Boston girls who made it to the Big Apple, who have been best friends forever. They had an eye for fashion and wanted to focus on style, without “breaking the bank”-something I think most of us look for when shopping. Jackie brings an entrepreneurial vision to the business (along with her impeccable fashion sense) while Emma provides the fashion merchandising and design expertise. Together, they branded Emma Graham Designs focusing on fashion-forward women, aged 18-30.

EGD — 1:: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7

Their design craftsmanship has been featured in magazines like Southern Living, Shape, and Daily Candy Weekend Guide and once you see their new collection, they’ll be talked about worldwide! EGD is unique in that they offer a “Design Your Own Piece” line with five different dress options and two hat options-perfect for bridesmaid dress shopping or going to the horse track!

the Chrissy dress

My EGD wishlist consists of the Caitlin LBD (4) for only $135-when was the last time you came across the perfect LBD for that much? NEVER! Love the pop of pink with the Chrissy (1) and the Emily pink sink scalloped shorts. These would look great in the winter paired with black tights and pumps or booties, just as styled above (2), or in the summer with some strappy sandals. Check these ladies out, you will love their stuff!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Karla xoxo


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