Flea Market Flip

As you well know, my Saturdays and occasional Sundays consist of going to the flea market. The past few weekends the flea market has overflowed with great, flippable pieces like these:

I kept going back to the traffic-like object. This was a super heavy, industrial piece but a real one-of-a-kind. Had I taken it home, I would have rounded out the edges a bit (more like a job for B), and ordered 2 pieces of glass to fit the top and bottom to create a geometric coffee table (kind of like what they’ve done here). I think it would be a great focal point in a living room with the circles and really the perfect coffee table height, too!


The only piece I did take home was the bolt-looking object. From the moment I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it — put a 24″ diameter piece of mirror in it for an industrial-chic wall mirror!  The end product would look something like this!


I love the lattice work on this industrial who-knows-what! It’s a real heavy piece — probably one that you’d lean against the wall on your dresser to display your precious jewels! The idea would be similar to this but the shape and overall weight of my find  is far more unique (I think)!


Lastly, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’d do with an old, rusty library cart (cause my husband sure was!)…well there’s a lot you can do with it as it’s mobile and has wheels! I had a vision similar to this from the moment I saw it and thought how great it would be in a playroom (after a little facelift of course), to hold arts and crafts supplies or even as a kitchen cart to hold canisters of flour, sugar, you name it!



You truly do not need to spend hours at the flea market but you do need to go with an open mind and have a little imagination to get those creative juices flowing. I can assure you that the more you go, the more you’ll learn to see the potential in the junk!  Wherever you might be, don’t be afraid to peruse a yard sale or flea market; you just might find a hidden gem!

Have a great weekend! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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