Bookshelf TLC

Hope your week’s going well! I can hardly wait for the weekend. One of my recent projects was on my bookshelf that you probably remember seeing here.

Image 26We spent the majority of last weekend sanding this bad boy and yes it was one hell of a job…there must have been about 4 coats of polyurethane on the bookshelf that needed to be removed. We sanded in all those grooves and curves and all I have to say is thank God for power tools because we started sanding by hand and I was ready to throw in the towel 10 minutes into the job!

Image 40

A work in progress!

After the sanding was complete, we wiped it down with a moist rag to remove any dust. And then time for the fun – painting! We used Valspar’s Signature Gallon Interior Semi-Gloss White Paint and Primer in One which required about 3 coats to cover any streaks and any residual poly.

So…what do you think?


And now the Before & After laid out in the living room:

With a little (more like a lot) TLC it’s now so much brighter and blends in with the mantle and all the trim!

Thoughts on the before and after? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading! Cheers, Karla xoxo


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