Front Porch Décor

Faced with a heatwave pretty much everywhere, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you one of my favorite places of our house — the front porch! I LOVE sitting out here when the sun has gone down and it’s cooled off a bit; much like tonight (don’t forget that much needed glass of wine)! In deciding on homes in the South, we knew we wanted a house that had a front porch as we didn’t have that luxury in Boston.

Here’s what we got and you’ll never believe where we bought them…well if you follow my blog you probably know where we found these raw, cypress adirondacks! Why, the Raleigh Flea Market of course!

I can’t even begin to tell you what a steal it was for 2 adirondack chairs, the bench, and 2 side tables but I can tell you that it was not an easy process! We easily spent 10 hours sanding all the rough edges and painting them a crisp white exterior paint. I later found the perfect adirondack cushions (gave myself a pat on the back as these are not easy to find or are hugely expensive) and pillows from good ol’ World Market which are currently on sale!

And here’s how it all came together…

I might be biased but I think we did a hell of a job transforming the furniture! What do you think? I think the only thing (for now) that it’s missing is a nice big rug to go under the adirondack chairs to tie the space together!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my favorite outdoor pieces to transform your space! Cheers, Karla xoxo


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