Pillow Pizzaz!

What’s a quick and easy way to perk up a room with color, texture, and print? Why, pillows of course! Pillows are such an inexpensive way to add some life to a space. I like the idea of changing out pillows with the seasons; it adds a layer of moodiness to the room with a simple swap out. I recently had a whole bunch of pillow cases made from fabric I purchased at the Raleigh Flea Market. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what was “standard” for decorative pillows so I found a link to Garnet Hill which was hugely helpful and opened my eyes up to the many shapes and sizes of pillows.

1 : used on the daybed in the guest room – don’t worry I’ll share it soon!

2 : used in the living room

3 : beige and red plaid linen used in the Reading Nook; blue and white floral used in the kitchen breakfast nook (stay tuned for photos)

4 : gray and cream raised zebra print also in the living room

5 : white diamond texture in the kitchen breakfast nook

6 : black and cream honeycomb raised print in the bedroom (stay tuned for photos)

7 : blue and beige floral used in the dining room on the beige linen bench; red and cream geometric print in the Reading Nook

8 : feast your eyes!

9 : blue velvet us in the kitchen breakfast nook

If you’re in the market for pillows, something that sets a good pillow apart from a mediocre pillow/case is the piping. Piping is essentially what frames a pillow case.

Here are a few of my favorite shops for pillows:

London Tea Shop :: Studio Tullia :: Yiayias :: Pillow Chix :: Upcycled Home :: MeLongings Studio :: Zara Home :: Joss & Main :: OneKingsLane :: Gilt Groupe :: West Elm

I can’t wait to show you how these pillow cases played out in these rooms and the color combos and you’ll see just what I mean about adding pizzaz to a room!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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