Festive with Florals!

With Easter around the corner and family coming to visit I always like to have a house abundant with flowers to welcome my guests! A few weeks back me and B. were having brunch at our favorite place, The Umstead Hotel. They easily have the most unique and gorgeous flowers you will see and later learned that their florals are updated every Thursday by The Watered Garden (looks like I just found my new post-work place to have drinks on Thursdays!). When we got home we explored their website and saw that they offer floral arranging classes. We signed up for a class and tonight got to learn the tricks of the trade! The instructor and owner of the shop made it so easy to follow his tips and offered great decorating advice! The flower warehouse was covered in to-die-for florals and the most amazing props and vases.

If you have any interest in flowers this would have been like a florgasm for you! I had a mini anxiety attack as we had free reign to choose whatever florals our hearts desired and everything was appealing to us. Our instructor Steve told us an important tip-when making an arrangement your flowers should be 1.5 x the height of the vase and nothing more otherwise your arrangement will not feel balanced.

B and I had the most different and most modern arrangements of everyone in class (probably because we were the youngest by a good 30 years!). I was a little nervous as his had such an array of textures, colors and heights but it all came together beautifully in the end. I chose a ranuncula hybrid and some other bulbous, similar color flowers. In the end I ended with a “pave” type of arrangement with the center high and the outer edges shallow but with depth in texture. Our second arrangements were made in a smaller white rectangle vase and were more free flowing-without the use of oasis floral foam (you can buy here) like in the first, larger arrangement.

We both decided to go with spring, pastel tones for Easter (I would rather use florals than kitschy Easter items to achieve the “Easter”/spring vibe) — how did we do?

Lastly, our cube arrangements:

I cannot wait to sign up for another class and start using foam to make professional-like arrangements at home!

Have you taken a floral arranging class or have you ever wanted to? I highly recommend taking a class if you have the option!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Karla xoxoox


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