Reading Nook

Now I’m talking actual nook not your eReader! When I think of a window seat/nook, I associate it with a cozy space to curl up and read a book or just lounge. My goal in designing the space was to connect the living room to the kitchen while introducing something other than blue.

Image 2It’s hard to see from this photo but the cushion I had made is a indigo velvet which I’ve used in other places too (and can’t wait to show you). The French grain sack in the center was really the jumping off piece as far as the color scheme and pattern selections. I’ve always loved the look of French linen and when I stumbled upon this beauty at yes you guessed it, Todd Farm, with me and my husband’s first initial I knew I had to have it! I bought the sack long before the foundation was even poured at the new house but knew there was a bright future ahead for it! The sack functions like a body pillow (which is what it’s filled with) and I tied the end.

The French-linen inspired fabric and the red and cream trellis fabric were yet another purchase from my fabric man at the Raleigh Flea Market. My flea market friend hooked me up with her upholstery guy (I wish I knew about him before I spent a fortune having all the seat cushions made but better late than never!) and he made ALL the pillows in our home. I can’t even tell you how impressive his work is!

Image 1

The wall color from the living room segues into the nook, making it feel like a continuation of the space. The red, cream and navy basket on the floor was a fabulous Whole Foods Market purchase and one to feel good about (learn more about the local artists in Ghana). It’s currently holding artwork that will eventually sit atop West Elm’s Metal Picture Ledge. In searching for a shelf, having a ledge was imperative as the artwork is vintage and can’t be hung on the wall so the added safety of the ledge adds even more appeal!

My collection of vintage bottles is featured all around the house as you can see here! Image

So, I need your help…I originally thought the window needn’t a treatment but now I’m thinking to cozy up the space a little more it might benefit from a shade–what do you think? Perhaps we should wait to decide until the ledge is up but either way I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers and thanks for stopping by xoxox Karla


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