A Mullet of a Chair!

Hi all! It’s been a busy week back in Boston for work (if only I could do this full-time!). I wanted to show you one of my latest additions to our living room-a revived vintage chair frame!

A few months ago I came across this amazing shop on Etsy-Urban Motifs “Where old chairs get a new life”. A new life is exactly what they did with the chair I had custom-made. I picked an old frame and a fabric from their fabric store (you can see more of the living room plans here. In about 6 weeks this fabulous chair arrived at my door…what do you think? I call it a mullet chair; it’s “business in the front, party in the back”-am I right or am I right?!

I LOVED the finished product so much that I had another identical chair made! Remember I had ordered two armless chairs from Onekingslane (shown here)? Well for whatever reason, when I was ordering them I must have overlooked the dimensions because they were super low to the ground (seat height was 22″-I beg you to check the dimensions on any and all furniture before placing an order or you could end up in a similar situation!) and more of an accent chair for a bedroom than a functional, living room chair. I was s**t out of luck because Onekingslane doesn’t issue refunds. Well, there is a happy-ever-after to this ordeal…one of the chairs was damaged and thus worked in my favor! There was glue stuck to the fabric of one of the chairs that you could not get off without ruining the integrity of the cushion so Onekingslane’s amazing customer service associates accommodated me in every way possible by paying for the return shipping and refunding my total order, hence why I was able to order another gorgeous, custom chair! There are happy-ever-afters! haha

Have you done any custom projects on Etsy or elsewhere? Were you ultimately happy with the results? Be sure to check out UrbanMotif for a custom chair or ottoman for your home! I’ll be sure to show the living room with both chairs in the coming weeks!

Cheers and TGI-almost-F! xoxox Karla


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