Bamboo & Leather: The Perfect Pair

As you know, part of my weekend ritual-whether in NC or Boston- consists of a trip to the flea market. This past weekend I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just perusing and seeing what kinds of treasures the fairgrounds had to offer! I came across a unique 3-tier bamboo shelf from the 1880’s. The vendor said he’d give it to me for a discounted price of $30 and I was in need of a console/shelving unit for the bottom of the stairs so bam crossed that off my list of things to purchase!

And, you know it wouldn’t be a trip to the flea market without purchasing fabric from my fabric guy! Well, the bamboo shelf needed a bit of TLC…perhaps I could paint the shelves since the frame was in tact.

Image 1









Or wait, I could use fabric! What did I do? I purchased gorgeous brown leather from the fabric guy that was the exact same shade as the shelf!

So…what do you think?! (By the way, I bought this massive piece for $30 and plan to cover some old books in it and who knows what else!)

Image 2 Image 3








Now I needed to cover it. First, I measured the shelves then I marked the ‘hide on the back with the measurements and cut out the rectangle. The next step was to actually adhere the ‘hide to the shelf. I used a spray adhesive I purchased from I purchased spray adhesive from Michaels. Do NOT do this inside as the spray will spray in multiple directions the first time you use it. I covered each shelf which enough adhesive for the ‘hide to stick.

Here’s the final product:

View from the stairs

View from the stairs

Image 23I love that you can see the creases in the leather; it shows age and adds more interest to the piece! Image 5For $65 ($30 for the shelf, $30 for the leather, and $5 for the adhesive) I have this great, one-of-a-kind piece that was truly an easy project. The majority of the time I spent on this was wiping it down and drawing the measurements on the ‘hide-if I can do it, you can do it!

Styling: Porcelain violet petal candle holder-Anthropologie, Book: “Don’t For Husbands”-Restoration Hardware/Amazon, Book: “Love Poems”, Pablo Neruda-Anthropoligie/Amazon, Art: Original Charles Sawyer hand painted photograph- Todd Farm Flea Market, Vase- Todd Farm Flea Market, Collection of vintage bottles: Todd Farm Flea MarketRemember, if you’re in the Boston area, Todd Farm Flea Market reopens after Easter!

Wish me luck at the flea market tomorrow! Again, nothing in mind but I’d like to find a few pieces for the living room cause it’s looking a bit bare!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather!

Cheers, Karla xoxo


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