Bar Cart Beautification

So today was a proud moment for me…During the summer I came across a bar cart at Todd Farm Flea Market (my Sunday ritual) in Rowley, MA. When I asked the man how much, he told me $10. I wasn’t exactly sure if I needed a bar cart but heck for $10 I was absolutely positive I could find a good home for it. The paint was a bit rusted and it needed some work but it had all the pieces and glass shelves.

Last week I took the cart to Top Coat (a sandblasting company here in NC) and today picked up a like-new bar cart with a fresh coat of gold paint and a high gloss finish for $50.  For $60 I have a classic, vintage, bar cart that would be welcome in any space. It resides in our living room and is conveniently located by the fireplace for a good drink with friends! Check. It. Out!

I had them paint the wooden handle a high-gloss black for extra glam and contrast as well as the wheels. After styling the cart, I decided to look online to see what similar carts go for. I hit a mega home-run! This bar cart on Etsy is nearly identical and requires a good amount of work-the handle is scratched, the paint is pretty good, but the glass has some scratches and is painted white. Guess how much they’re asking?! $320-can you believe it!

Have you scored any great finds at yard sales or flea markets? Do you leave them in their current state or give them a little makeover? I highly recommend shopping around at your local flea market because you never know what kinds of treasures you’ll come across and people you’ll meet!

Cheers, Karla xoxo


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