Office Essentials

Happy weekend! Just got back to Boston and enjoying time with family!

The office is a room that needs some attention and careful thought as I work from home and need the space to be comfy and cozy and above all, functional!

When you walk into the office/2nd guest bedroom you’ll find Crate and Barrel’s Sloane Espresso Leaning Desk. It’s not a ton of working space but the bookshelves offer space for my files, books, and small pieces of art and candles.

Sloane Espresso Leaning Desk

Sloane Espresso Leaning Desk

We’re in dire need of a file cabinet and OfficeMax makes an inexpensive but quality three-drawer file (so I’ve read from the reviews).

OfficeMax Three-Drawer File

OfficeMax Three-Drawer File

I love the calendar and the fact that it’s printed on recycled paper and every month features a new city. The mammoth wishbone would look great on any bookshelf or you could use it as a giant paperweight!

I like the organized look of Semikolon’s Desktop Notes which come in six colors. Candles always set the mood in any room and are a great compliment to a home office with its aromatherapy.

Rather than doing a queen-size bed in this room, we’re on the fence about either purchasing a daybed with a pop-up trundle or a futon. We recently came across West Elm’s Basic Futon.

If you know of any great places to find daybeds please let me know!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Cheers, Karla xoxox



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