Your Not-So-Holiday Wreath!

Everywhere you look you see holiday wreaths twinkling with lights, draped with big red bows. Something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately in my hunt for all things related to the house are wreaths for all seasons. My mother-in-law sent us the most beautiful and thoughtful housewarming gift, the Cooks Herb Wreath from Williams Sonoma.

Cook's Herb Wreath, Williams Sonoma

Cook’s Herb Wreath, Williams Sonoma

Not only does it fit in any kitchen but it adds the best scent to your space! As soon as it dries you, you pluck off the herbs and voila you have bay leaves for literally the rest of your life that’s how plentiful the wreath is in herbs!

Here are a few of my favorite year-round wreaths:

What I like about Anthropologie’s Wool Tufted Wreath, $128 is that they’ve created so much texture by stacking the wool-it really adds holiday/winter charm without screaming snowflakes and pinecones!

West Elm’s Paper Flower Wreath (currently on sale for $34!) is so dainty and aesthetically pleasing in the monochromatic whites and creams and would great as a centerpiece on a table with a candle in the middle!

How fun is this Feather Wreath?!

Vivaterra has some incredible wreaths like the Segmented Herb Wreath that is handmade with fresh rosemary, dried savory, dill, marjoram, sage, and lavender to perfume your kitchen and your cooking!

I’m hoping to get Vivaterra’s Succulent Wreath for my breakfast nook. I love the colors and textures of succulents plus they’re easy to care for (watering every 3 to 10 weeks).

Do you have a year-round wreath and if so, what is it? Thanks for reading! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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