‘Gator Print

I think it’s only fitting to talk about ‘gator print when in the dirty South-and by that I mean New Orleans! I had some time to scope out Bourbon Street and some of the trinket shops and discovered a common theme-lacquered gator heads.

‘Gator Heads

They are indeed a bit odd but very much a part of the culture here. If you need a better idea of what this part of the culture is, I highly recommend you tune in to Swamp People-easily on my top 5 list of favorite tv shows! Seeing this inspired me to share with you some unique faux alligator skin finds for the home.


You really can’t go wrong with black alligator print barware!

Everglades Tray, ZGallerie

Love this silver tray for beverages or even holding mail to snaz up your otherwise boring kitchen space!

And how fun would these bookends be on your bookshelves?! So unexpected but still add that wow factor!

Alligator Bookends, ZGallerie

What better way to display all your top shelf liquor than on this gorgeous Butler Tray?!

Lexington Mirrored Butler Tray, ZGallerie

And how perfect is this staple remover? I must have it (not really; probably dont need a $78 staple remover!)!

Snapping Gator Staple Remove, Jac Zagoory

Last but not least, wallpaper-I know I have a small obsession with wallpaper but especially textured wallpaper that adds depth and interst and Thibaut Design really nailed it with their Alligator Wallpaper!

Alligator Wallpaper, Thibaut Design-Texture Resource Volume 2

I really love texture and leather and alligator print really marries these two for a modern, luxe look! Do you have any alligator print in your home or even wardrobe like ‘gator boots?

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow is a very big day — we CLOSE on our brand new home hooray!!

Cheers, Karla xoxox


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