Splash of Color

Just got confirmation from our painter that he’ll be picking up the paint for our house tomorrow! Unfortunately I won’t be at the closing for our house on Thursday so that means when I return on Friday night, the majority of the house (currently a blank slate-painted entirely ivory inside) will be painted just the way I want it! I wanted to share with you the colors that we chose. Once the house is painted, I’ll be sure to update you with actual pictures of the colors as the online swatches are very different than what they look like in person (something to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for paint). Most painters have deals with certain paint vendors and are able to pick up paint samples free of charge so if you’re deciding between a few colors for a bedroom, just ask the painter and he/she may be able to pick it up and make your decision that much easier!

Sherwin Williams

We’re using Sherwin Williams for our paint as it was recommended by every painter we met with-I had three guys come and give me quotes which I highly recommend you do. The top guy was $1,400 more than the least expensive painter, not to mention his quote didn’t even include paint! Do your homework when looking for painters; check out their websites, look to see if they have portfolios, see who their clients are, ask questions! The painter we’re using is Dennis Price, Painting Plus in the Raleigh area. What I liked most about him was not only his list of clients which included Sears, local shopping malls, Ethan Allen Galleries, a local interior designer, etc…, but his honesty! He had a very long list of well-known clients which to me is very important as it shows he has a good relationship with community retailers and works hard to keep up his reputation while charging a price that’s as honest as he is!

If you forget what the spaces look like and want to envision these colors in their respective places, here is the dining room layout and design; here is the living room (no longer doing the grasscloth wallpaper as it literally would have broken the bank~damn designer wallpaper companies!), here is the bedroom which includes the accent wall which will be draped in Jocelyn Warner, Lace wallpaper, and finally an overview of the house here with an image of the bonus room so you can envision the creamy brown paint!

What do you think? Do you have a favorites paint brand and/or color? Share your comments, I’d love to hear them!

Cheers, Karla xoxox


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