A Not So “Quick” Project…

Hello! T-minus 5 days to the closing of our new home! Cannot even wait! I think we’re in good shape for the house and the wheels are in motion for a beautiful place we can soon call home! The Mr. has been working hard on a vintage apple picking ladder that we found at one of our favorite places back in Rowley, MA-Todd Farm.

The first image below gives you an idea of the original size of the ladder-very tall and it narrowed as it got taller. We knew the entire ladder wouldn’t fit in our space so we had the vendor essentially cut the ladder in half thereby giving us two ladders.

The Mr. has put many hours into these ladders and the end product is remarkable! In the first image below, on the left you can see the gorgeous sheen after sanding and staining while the ladder on the right remains untouched and in its “raw” form. Restoring the ladders was a huge and timely project and included a variety of sanding methods, multiple layers of stain, lacquer and wax which was purchased at our local Home Depot!

We’ll be placing the taller of the two ladders in the living room and the other, shorter ladder possibly in the bathroom. The living room ladder will hold throws, taper candles and perhaps magazines on the lower steps — something like this!


Living Room Ladder

Our vision for the ladder in the bathroom is something like this to hold towels in the guest bathroom:

Bathroom Ladder

The look that we both had in mind was most definitely achieved and will add value and rustic glamour to any room. They tell a story and we look forward to seeing how it fits into our new home! Though I didn’t participate in the restoration of the ladders, I can certainly tell you that the Mr. Quick is very pleased with how they came out and would say that it was time well spent!

Have you taken on any recent restoration projects? Our next project is modernizing an old, solid pine sideboard and we’ll share the before and after once that project begins!

Thanks for reading and hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Cheers, Karla xoxox



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