A little Shady

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got some great deals if you ventured out for the Black Friday craziness! We took advantage of some of the pre-Black Friday deals earlier this week at Home Depot. Purchasing shades (I know, super boring) was definitely not something we thought we’d really have to factor into our new home budget but they add privacy, warmth, and energy-eficiency to your home. The Mr. and I opted for the Levolor Accordia Doublecell Cellular Shades for the bonus room and all bedrooms. Even though we’ll still be adding fabric window treatments over the shades, energy efficiency in the form of shades was of utmost importance.

We really liked the options Levolor had as their look was a lot more appealing and had the best price tag to accompany the functionality of the shades. The doublecell honeycomb shades have twice the fabric for added insulation. Their claim to fame is that the honeycombs “insulate your windows from heat and cold”. Their options really are endless; you can customize the size, cord/less lift, top down/bottom up lift, inside or outside mount, and endless amounts of textures and colors. Home Depot is doing a promotion through November 28th to a free cordless, top/down bottom/up upgrade which we really loved and were psyched not have to pay extra for! Like I said, they are a costly purchase (we also purchased 10 shades) but they will last you forever and also save you some money on your energy bill (not to mention they have a lifetime-limited warranty on custom blinds and shades).

Did you do any major shopping today? If so, what?

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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