We’re Almost There!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, today was a big day as far as the house goes-we had our “new home orientation” and our home inspection. The home orientation was basically a walk through where we inspected and scrutinized every inch of space from floor to ceiling, drawers to closets, lighting to caulking… As this is my first time buying a home, it was quite the experience. The builder gave us small stickers to mark spots where there were chips, dents, scratches, or something just wasn’t working as it should. He gave me one sheet to start and in seconds, bam that sheet was done. Our poor builder will be seeing these colored dots in his sleep!

Although many stickers were used and placed in spots we deemed imperfect, there were no major issues with the house and we are still on schedule for our closing next Thursday, November 29! A lot of people choose not to do a home inspection on new construction but there is definitely value in it. Our inspector gave us helpful hints, inspected the crawl space, and followed our steps to see if we missed anything-which we had. I would really recommend a home inspection no matter what the conditions of the home are.

Anyway, here is the good stuff you’ve been waiting for. The pictures don’t do it justice but you’ll get to know the place and the layout soon enough!

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Not sure if you can tell from the photo but the hardwood floors on the first floor are textured so they have a weathered look and feel and add a unique touch to the house.

I look forward to showing you more of the house and the many projects we’ve been working on. From my home to yours, I wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you all for your dedication to my blog; I’m very grateful to have you following along on this journey.

Cheers y’all (trying to embrace this Southern thing!) , Karla xoxox



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