Master Closet Design

Today we got the drawings back from the carpenter Bill from Trim Time, Inc. for a custom master closet (he’s also doing our built-in bookshelves in the living room which you can see here) and we love what he’s done! We provided him with a layout of what we’d ultimately like and he ran with it. We decided on installing shelves and drawers to have our clothing in one main location rather than multiple dressers. By utilizing every inch in the closet, we will really be maximizing the overall space of both the closet and bedroom which we’re very excited to have!

Primary Wall



We’ll be sharing the Primary Wall, but as you can see, the extra space I’m allotted is considerably larger than His. Although he likes clothing and footware, his wardrobe size still has nothing on me (hence why I’m getting more space)! We’re having the closet installed the first week we move in so we can get our lives organized from the get-go!

Do you have a fabulous, Sex and the City style closet a la Carrie Bradshaw? What inspired you?

Here were some inspirational closets for our design…

The shelving will be painted white to offer some light in an otherwise dark space. We have not yet decided if we’re going to paint the closet but as of now, we’re thinking of keeping it cream to invoke a brighter, more airy space.

Cannot even wait for this project to be complete; Christmas is certainly coming early to our household!

Are you asking for any renovation-based gifts for the holidays? If so, what?Thanks for reading! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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