Built-in Bookshelves

We’ve been exploring built-in bookshelves and recently met a great carpenter out of Hillsborough, NC Trim Time Inc. They do pretty much everything: from molding to window seats, bookshelves, mantles, desks, you name it they do it!

Trim Time will be installing built-in bookshelves on each side of the fireplace in our living room which we’ll have painted white. It will add a great finishing touch to the living room and personally, I think they add a sense of warmth and lived-in feel.

I love the custom look of built-ins like these:

 The Brooklyn Home Company

Jacquelyn Armour, Living Room

 If you don’t have the time to wait for a custom carpentry job, these are gorgeous and have so much character (they’re available in black and white).

Chinese Chippendale Bookshelves

Chippendale Bookshelves, Gumps

Stay tuned for Sex and the City closet inspiration for our Master closet (you heard that right, we’ll have a walk-in closet hooray!)!

Have a great weekend! Oh and wish me luck at the Raleigh Flea Market tomorrow! Cheers, Karla xoxox


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