In Love with Restoration

Hardware that is! I kid you not every single time I go in there my jaw drops in awe of all the masterfully crafted pieces they have and the gorgeous hues they come in. If you feel the same I highly recommend you head to Restoration Hardware ASAP as their Friends & Family 20% off Sale ends tomorrow (or you can order online!).

I took FULL advantage of the sale, let me tell you! I went in with a list and tried really hard to stick with it but for some reason, I found a purpose or place for everything in there-rest assured, I did not purchase all of Restoration! Anyway, I have been looking for some galvanized metal chairs to go in our Breakfast nook to match this beautifully patinated table. We purchased this at the Brimfield Antique Show in July which I highly recommend everyone go to!

It happens three times a year in May, July and September and they truly have something for everyone. The really unique part of the table is the base (which is what we purchased as Im not a huge fan of bevelled edges on glass tops). Believe it or not, the base used to be part of an industrial sink from a hospital way back when. Rather than do a rectangular tabletop, I’m having a round top made which I think will look great in the nook and will really accent the geometric shapes in the base.

For only $99 a chair I scooped up four of the Remy Side Chair in Gunmetal to go with the table.

I can’t wait to see it all come together and share it with you! 


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