A Little Slice of Heaven

Yesterday was a productive day with Mr. Wallpaper coming for measurements (I would advise waiting to measure until you have daylight-we measured in the dark with two flashlights). The biggest high of my day yesterday, you ask? Why, getting a call from Lauren at Goods Home Furnishings in Hickory, NC of course! I requested a quote (all furniture on their online store requires you to request a quote online or via telephone) for this beautiful natural, unfinished teak driftwood coffee table with a clear glass top. Based on the prices I’ve been finding, $850-$1200, I figured this would be another “window shopping” experience. Well, Lauren informed me that the table was discounted from $600 to $489. WHATTTT!?!?! I was a little apprehensive given the prices of the other driftwood tables I’ve come across but she reassured me they order so much inventory that they are able to offer the best prices. I was in heaven!

Winning Coffee Table!

I found others just as beautiful but with a lot less pretty pricetag from Wayfair for $1,260 or their other option for $701 and from Our Boat House for $708

ARTERIORS Home Kingston Driftwood Table

Uttermost Driftwood Coffee Table

Our Boat House Driftwood Table

The best part about this table, too, is that my husband and I both love it. You heard that right, we both do which can be a bit of a problem! This was clearly a no brainer-$489 and really, no fighting with the Mr. about a coffee table? Send me 10 ASAP!

Looking forward to visiting Goods in January with my sister for some furniture we probably don’t really need! I must admit, there is great furniture in the South-especially good ol’ NC!

Happy almost Friday-Cheers, Karla xoxo


2 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Thank you so very much Karla! You are a joy to work with! Can’t wait to see your new table in your room. Send me photos! Your designer in North Carolina, Lauren

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