Wallpaper Love

Happy hump day! I know not everyone is thrilled with how the elections turned out so here’s something to spice up your life! Tonight I’m having someone measure the walls in the new house where I’d like wallpaper hung! The living room, 1/2 bath, under the chair rail in the kitchen and an accent in the Master bedroom will all be hung with gorgeous designer wallpaper (of course I can’t like anything but damn designer wallpaper haha!) but the quality and texture are unbeatable! What you pay for in the price/roll or yard, you certainly get back in the aesthetics! Some of my favorite wallpaper designers are below and I’ve already shared the grayish/beige Phillip Jeffries (PJ) grasscloth with you here for the living room. I’m still waiting on PJ’s Chinoiserie and Ikat coverings and can’t wait to see them in person!

Lee Jofa Wallcoverings: 1. Piccadilly Blue, 2. Cow Parsley3. Chatterton, 4. Gondola, 5. Malabar.  Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings: 1. Rivets2. Chinois Our Way3. Glam Grass-Windsor Gray4. Indo Ikat-Linen and Gray

Array of Wallpaper Designers: 1. Thibaut, Natural Ostrich Leather, 2. Eskayel, Casablanca, 3. Ralph Lauren, 4. Ethan Allen, Chenonceau/Charcoal, 5. Schumacher-Oiseaux et Fleurs, Porcelain, 6. Farrow & Ball, Red Lotus, 7. Ralph Lauren, Aragon Ocelet, 8.Candice Olson, Cork, 9. Jocelyn Warner, Lace, 10. Christian Lacroix, Souvenir-Ciel

If you’re in the market for wallpaper, do yourself a favor and ORDER SAMPLES! I cannot stress this enough; more often than not wallpaper colors, patterns and textures are different than they appear online. I ordered so many samples and yes, you generally pay a few dollars but the amount of money you’d save yourself in the end is far better especially if you dislike it. The Eskayel, Casablanca wallpaper is about $700 so you better hope you LOVE it! We’re looking to do the Thibaut, Natural Ostrich Leather wallpaper in the dining room under the chair rail (you’ve got to see it; it’s gorgeous and the texture feels so real!).The Ralph Lauren map wallpaper would look awesome in an office with dark wood furniture and you can’t go wrong with some leopard Ralph Lauren, Aragon Ocelet on a ceiling! We’re pretty much set on using the Candice Olson, Cork wallcovering for the first floor 1/2 bath and then the Jocelyn Warner, Lace wallcovering for an accent wall in the our bedroom. I love wallpaper and you can really be as subtle or as bold as you want! Go crazy and have some fun! 

Thanks for reading-Cheers, Karla xoxox


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