Flea market fabric find!

Hello! So today was a very successful day at the flea market! As promised, I’m here to share all of my finds with you. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty disappointed with the furniture selection. There was quite a bit of glassware and bowls but nothing that appealing that warranted a purchase.

What I did find was endless amounts of fabric; I was smitten! Last night, I sat on my sofa searching for fabrics and naturally, I fell in love with all the damn designer fabrics like Thibaut, Schumacher, Kravet, and everything from the Brick House Fabrics site. I was ultimately looking for fabric to make curtains in the living room which I clearly wasn’t going to be sewing as I can’t even sew a button. When I saw the prices and realized that the curtains wouldn’t sew themselves I came to the conclusion that these designer fabrics just weren’t in my budget (especially when the panels are priced at $2,852 from TheDraperyGal on Etsy!). Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Etsy was generally a little more affordable!

Anyway, I found my soulmate at the flea market. There was a man selling designer, woven fabrics and this was his first time setting up shop at the Raleigh Flea Market-it too was my first time there! Not only did he have a huge selection of fabrics, but it was $5 a yard-yes $5 for a whole freakin’ yard! I bought 13.5 yards of designer fabric for only $65!

I’ve been planning on using orange, blues, creams and gray in my living room and orange as the pop of color in the curtains. Low and behold I found this gorgeous fabric and bought 5 yards of the top woven fabric and about 2.5 yards of the deeper orange fabric. There was also a man there whose primary job is crafting curtains so I took his business card and he’ll be getting a call from me sometime this week to create my dream curtains. My plan is to create a border on the inside of the panels on about 2″ and about 3″ on the bottom with the brighter orange fabric (pictured on the bottom). I was so excited when I found these fabrics not only because they were the color I was looking for but because of the quality and the unbelievable price.

This gray and cream fabric was purchased today with our bedroom in mind. We’re in the market for a storage bench and ideally one where we can customize it with our own fabric like this. I love the shape of this bench from HomeDecorators, but it doesn’t include any storage.

I didn’t have time to pick out fabrics for Roman shades but I did see quite a few viable options.



I’ll be back in two weeks when my fabric soul mate returns for more fabulous fabric finds! 


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