Day of the Dead

Día de los muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead is a day to honor friends and family that have passed. When I was thinking about the meaning of this holiday yesterday, I started thinking about those I long for and miss. In doing so, I felt a longing for Boston…it sounds materialistic to be thinking about a place or thing on a holiday that celebrates those that have passed but it’s all relative when you put things in perspective. We enjoyed a nice dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant here in NC in honor of the holiday and thought of the places we would frequent back in Boston.

Somewhere I always found peace, and solace was our bedroom that was in the end, so methodically designed. When we first decorated it in October 2011 we wanted something rich and chose something like Crushed Velvet, Benjamin Moore.

After merely two weeks (at best) we were tired of the gloominess it brought to our room, not to mention how confining it made our already small space feel. To make a long story short, after about a year we decided to re-do our bedroom yet again and this time we did it very thoughtfully!

We were inspired by this gorgeous Parkland Wallpaper by Thibaut Design. The trees added height to our room which compensated for its size. We painted the walls a yellow in the same hue as the wallpaper and dressed the windows in really sheer and airy curtains with branches on them from West Elm which are similar here. I picked up the nightstand at, you guessed it Todd Farm! I painted the metal for the lamp a flat silver paint and bought this embroidered lampshade at Home Goods. And the monogrammed Jonathan Adler pillows always add a nice touch!

All in all, we were very happy with how our bedroom turned out in the end and the brightness in the room certainly made waking up in the morning easier! With our new home slated to be finished November 29th, our next bedroom design project is on the horizon and hopefully it’ll deliver just as much comfort as Boston did!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend-Cheers!


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