Mini Kitchen Reno

Happy Thursday; we’re almost through the week and it’s November 1st!

Today I have some kitchen and bedroom images to share from our old teeny tiny Boston condo and ways to improve the space you’re in without breaking the bank (but fortunately we were able to break some ugly cabinets in the kitchen)!


We did the kitchen over in January 2012 and for the remaining 7 months that we lived there, cooking was never the same! It was easily 100 times better and easier as we could navigate through the space without having a massive, useless cabinet in the way. We tore that down and thought about the best way to utilize the space… My husband installed floor-to-ceiling open shelves and pot racks. By utilizing the wall for storage it opened up an entire cabinet that previously held pots and pans and made for easy access when cooking!

Kitchen Storage

Due to the size of the kitchen, counter space was always a problem. The solution: a mobile kitchen cart of course! It was an inexpensive purchase and ever so savvy. Not only did it provide a place to prepare food, but also held all my kitchen utensils (trust me when I tell you I have a lot), serving bowls, and each side of the cart had special add-on: a towel rod on the right and and a knife block on the left. Why didn’t we think to do this sooner?

We knew there was a possibility that we would be relocated so we didn’t want to invest too much in the space. Rather than spend a fortune with refacing the peeling cabinets, I took a chip too our local paint store, Johnson Paint where they matched the color for me. It took all of maybe 45 minutes to paint the bare spots yet instant gratification! Another quick fix is to change your hardware; there were ugly, old, gold knobs which we replaced with simple, stainless steel knobs. You’d be amazed at how quickly your kitchen looks more modernized and refreshed!

Stenciled BacksplashMy last bit of advice for a quick kitchen facelift is paint! I painted the kitchen Lake Placid, Benjamin Moore which was bright enough to open up the space but still neutral. I had looked into ordering tile backsplash but couldn’t fathom spending that amount of money for such a small space. What I decided to do was stencil; it was a very cost effective solution and I actually really enjoyed it. I love the selection from Cutting Edge Stencils and the Zamira Moroccan stencil was my favorite!

Thinking about updating your kitchen or have tips on how to save on cost and space? Share away!

Thanks for visiting-cheers!



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